When Clients Divorce

I was recently consulted for an article in Advisor Solutions. We discussed how to help clients through the transition of divorce. I specifically spoke on why advisors should wait until after a divorce is completed before advising clients. 

Below is an excerpt. Read the entire article here.

When Clients Divorce
How to help clients through the transition By Richard Stolz 

A client has just called to tell you that he or she is getting divorced, but neither spouse has considered the financial implications. The client asks for your advice. How can you establish an orderly and effective process for addressing the challenges this couple will face—without inadvertently putting yourself at legal risk? If your legal relationship is with only one spouse, your job might be relatively straightforward. But in the more likely case you represent both spouses, you’ll probably need to decide if you will continue to work with one spouse or the other or if you will refer them elsewhere during the divorce process.

Read the entire in its entirety here.

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