comprehensive FEE-ONLY FIDUCIARY PLANNING services

  • cash-flow & budget work planning

  • student and credit card debt reduction and consolidation

  • investment analysis and management

  • tax organization and coordination with tax advisors

  • philanthropic and charitable planning

  • college planning

Strada offers three approaches to professional engagement: Integrated, Independent and Second Set:


Integrated planning services including comprehensive financial and investment planning. Your investments will custody at TD Ameritrade or Schwab and Strada coordinates necessary distributions, trades and all other required transactions.

Strada offers access to great fund managers like Dimensional Fund Advisors and researches the most cost-effective approach to investments. Our firm fee starts at .90% of assets managed starting at $1 million dollars and decreases as the portfolio size increases. Our average client pays .75% for comprehensive planning and portfolio management.

Initial plans cost $2,500 and our firm minimum for portfolio management and investment advisory services is $1 million dollars of investable assets.

Integrated planning services includes home purchase planning, tax organization, retirement planning, debt consolidation and any other life planning required to make informed financial decisions.

If interested in a consult, we charge $400 and will apply this fee to your planning costs once signed on as a client of our firm.


Same comprehensive planning services as INTEGRATED PLANNING, however, many clients prefer to leave their investments at their current custodian. If clients prefer to maintain their investments at a firm other than TD Ameritrade or Schwab, we encourage the Independent Planning model.

Initial plans cost $2,500.  After the initial plan is established, comprehensive planning services will continue for only $200 per month with an annual subscription.  Meetings are held as often as needed per client circumstances and desires.

If interested in a consult, we charge $400 and will apply this fee to your planning costs once signed on as a client of our firm.


Strada will do a comprehensive analysis on considered alternative investments. This includes review of the financials, meetings with the owner/operators, site visits and a third-party review of the deal structure for consideration for the portfolio. Please call for pricing information.

The financial and insurance industry has worked hard to keep fees opaque and cloaked. Our firm prides itself on transparency, and if we feel you are in a good place based on your goals and needs, we will tell you Please call our offices to inquiry further.