You Are Not Divorced?

You Are Not Divorced?
You Are Not Divorced?

Lots of times people ask me why I do what I do for a living. “It is a hard job,” they say. I get a lot of comments on how depressing it must be. They assume I must have gone through some horrible divorce and that experience led me into my current profession.

I do chuckle and reply that I am a product of divorce. When I was little my parents divorced. It was your classic 1970 “war of the roses” marital break-up with my sister and I smack in the middle. My sister moved in with my dad and I stayed with my mom.

My mom had never managed finances and, at the time, she was given a lot of money. Instead of using budgets and planning properly for herself and us girls, she was really unfocused and, some would say, irresponsible. I remember having the lights turned off at times.

Post-divorce wealth management is not a traditional financial planning situation. I chose this specific market because post-divorce wealth management is professionally fulfilling and clients need the help. They know that we are not here to judge as they navigate through this trying time. We are here to help organize and create calm in a sea of confusion. We give them sound, honest, objective, but not always what they want to hear, advice to ensure they do not let their emotions run and ruin their finances.

I am in this line of financial planning because I have a passion for the client and believe in the work we do. I also know if clients have help with their finances, they can channel and use their energy in the right places to move forward and heal.

Years and many cases later, I continue to invest in this profession whether as a mediator or a collaborative financial professional. I can see how collaboration around finances and parenting plans benefits the children, the communication between the parents, and ultimately, the family.

I got into the business to help other people avoid the mistakes my mother made when I was a child, but I am still in it and more dedicated than ever because I see everyday how this work will help the next generation. We cannot change the fact that people divorce but we can change how they do it.

Jennifer Failla, CDFA™
Principal, Strada Wealth Management
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