More on Investment Fees

More on Investment Fees
More on Investment Fees

Last week, I wrote about investment fees in my blog, Are My Dollar Bills Transparent? I was lucky to hear from a colleague of mine who shared his recently published piece on the same theme. Improve Your Future Investment Returns By Keeping a Lid on Your Expenses by Steve Thorpe of Pragmatic Portfolios, LLC, illustrates why it's so important to keep expenses low. 

Registered Investment Advisors can help clients with this same philosophy discussed in both my and Steve's blogs. Below is a short excerpt of Steve's blog.

Improve Your Future Investment Returns By Keeping a Lid on Your Expenses By Steve Thorpe

Contrary To Popular Belief: Past Performance Truly Does NOT Predict Future Performance

Numerous studies have shown that investors have no reliable way to identify, in advance, which asset classes or active managers will outperform in the future. This phenomenon is persistent across time, market subsectors, and geographic regions. To a large extent, where outperformance exists it is due to random chance -- being in the right place at the right time -- as opposed to skill.

Click here to read Steve's blog in its entirety.

Steve Thorpe is the founder of Pragmatic Portfolios, LLC, a fee-only Registered Investment Adviser based in Durham, North Carolina, that focuses on developing sensible investment plans integrated across all of a client’s investment accounts. He also chairs the Research Triangle Park, NC area chapter of the Bogleheads® [11] investment interest group.

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