We want to help you transition for however long you need it.  Ultimately, we hope you will fire us because you are ready to take the reigns and feel like you have the tools you need through our process to succeed moving forward.

  • Retirement and Income Planning
    • We have a defined routine to establish your retirement and income plan using cash flow projections of income, expenses, taxes and distributions to show you how you will fare each year in retirement based on current finances and individually established projections.
  • Investment Planning
    • Portfolio success comes from prudent cash management and a systematic, disciplined approach to investing.  The portfolio you hold is created with you and for you - not by a computer generated modeling system.  
    • We review all outside employer plans as well so that your total portfolio of investments are in line with your goals and objectives.
    • We thoughtfully explain your different investment options to give you the opportunity to capitalize on what we believe are the best investment vehicles based on your income and tax situation.
  • Social Security and Medicare Planning
    • We educate around this very important, often mis-understood life income payment.
    • Whether to file early, later, suspend, capitalize on allowable benefits are all pressing questions.  At Strada we do an in-depth analysis of your Social Security income options and how it affects your overall retirement planning strategy.
    • With the ever changing insurance environment, we review your Medicare situation annually and compare it with other available insurances to be sure you have the best care for your hard earned dollar.
  • Tax Planning and Organization
    • Each winter, we help you categorize and prepare your file for your CPA.  We review the portfolio for opportunities to harvest gains against losses and coordinate your taxes with your CPA.
    • We will coordinate strategies with your CPA and provide them with the documents they need to get their work done fast and efficiently.  Your advisors are in coordination with this direct approach.
  • Philanthropic Planning
    • Our clients are committed to community and service.  With estate planning, trusts and foundation creation, we can show you how to meet your financial needs while still caring for others.
  • Estate and Legacy Planning
    • No financial plan is complete without conscientious estate planning.  We work with you to coordinate estate planning from simple Wills to complex trusts and partnerships.

young savers program

For our younger investors, there are many important life and financial concepts to master and compounding and asset allocation are some of the most important.  You are in the most advantageous position - you are young! 

Our Young Savers program provides comprehensive wealth management for a flat, fixed-fee per year or as you need it.  You do not need to move money under our management.  We will not charge you a percent of what you are investing.  It is a simple hourly or yearly, flat-fee approach.

 This allows our savers to have access to a professional for all their life decisions ahead.  A guide and coach on some of the more trying decisions: buying or leasing a car, buying or renting your home, what kind of retirement account to open, where to custody your investments and why that matters, how to choose health and life insurance, and how to navigate your new 401(k) plan.

Because we care about your saving and philanthropic habits, we allocate what would be fee dollars to the charity of your choice.

You will get all the benefits of our strategic Wealth Management services with emphasis on systematic savings and investment management.  When you have questions, you can call us directly for answers and help.

We remove the noise and keep you focused on saving.

Power of Compounding

Use the calculator below to compare two investors.  The first starts with $0 and invests $5,500 per year into an qualified, tax-deferred account.  They started late and only have 15 years to invest.  Increasing their contributions and assuming a before-tax 8% rate of return, they accumulate $259,536.

The other investor is younger and starts right away.  With the same assumptions in place but 15 years longer to let the power of compounding work for them and they accumulate $1,706,137.